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  • Telemedicine Association ATA is a national organization that represents telemedicine/telehealth practitioners and organizations. ATA provides research, evaluation and reports on all aspects of telemedicine from equipment to technology to clinical practices. Their website offers a large selection of articles, white papers and links to telemedicine information.
  • Center for Telemedicine and eHealth Law CTeL offers information regarding legal issues surrounding telehealth/telemedicine practice and network building. They also offer regular webinars on a wide range of subjects from licensing to funding to network building and more.
  • Center for Rural Health Research and Education The Center for Rural Health Research and Education (CRHRE) is a unit of the University of Wyoming. The CRHRE is a primary partner in the Wyoming Network for Telehealth (WyNETTE). The CRHRE is a partner in SEWTN.
  • Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network EMTN is a highly successful neighboring state's telemedicine network. EMTN has also been kind enough to provide the SEWTN with a board member who offers guidance and expertise in network building and operation.
  • Nebraska Statewide Telehealth Network The Nebraska Statewide Telehealth Network is another neighboring state's telehealth network. They have developed a wide range of expertise revolving around providing health care to rural areas.

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